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Kanan's apartment, Tuesday morning

All right, Hera had shirts. She had gone to sleep in a shirt, she had just bought shirts at the store, and she didn't have so many things that she'd have lost them!

She was pretty sure Kanan wasn't the sort to steal all her shirts for a joke, and anyway all of his seemed to be missing too, and Chopper was still back on the Ghost (she had checked).

She had finally resorted to weaving her new scarf around her and tying it, in lieu of an actual top.

Then she went to make caf. She was not dealing with whatever this was without caf.

[Open post, though if you don't live there, you'd better knock!]
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"I smell caf," Kanan announced, kind of oozing his way into the kitchen. He'd just gotten back from a short walk with Stance, who was now wearing several brightly-colored beaded necklaces, and there were a few welts on his skin from the falling things that he was dead-set on ignoring. They didn't stand out all that much from the bruising of last week, anyway. "I hope you made enough to share."

He'd cope if she didn't, but it needed to be said.
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It couldn't have been half as bad as that poodoo he'd bought from Hondo. He took the cup with a grateful little nod and just kind of held it in his hands for a minute.

"I had bacta on the Expedient," he shared. "A whole first-aid kit for emergencies. But, since Expedient... isn't, so much, I'm fresh out."

There wasn't really much in the way of first aid supplies on the Escape. He needed to remedy that next time he made his way back home.
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"I said 'ow' when you kicked me to the floor," Kanan offered, grinning faintly. "Otherwise, it just didn't seem all that important."

He was kind of used to just sucking it up until he could get his hands on something himself. The past six years hadn't really been big on nurturing or anything.
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"I dunno," Kanan replied, shrugging. "The island probably ate them."

It did that sometimes.

"I'm willing to bet they'll be back by tomorrow. And maybe the weird rain will have stopped by then, too. By the way, don't go outside without an umbrella. Trust me on this."
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Kanan held up one finger, and then crouched down to liberate Stance of one of his new pieces of jewelry. He held up the string of beads - bright orange - and offered them to Hera.

"Weird rain. I probably should have mentioned Fandom's occasional bouts of unbelievable weather. At least it isn't pudding."

He would be upset enough having to clean pudding off of the Escape. He wasn't even going to think about having to do so with the Ghost.
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"More or less," Kanan agreed, shrugging. "Unless you can control the weather or have some hidden super-sewing ability you haven't mentioned yet. The plus side is that this weird stuff usually only lasts a day. Maybe two, if they happen on weekends."

He'd take shirtlessness over half the nonsense that happened over weekends, though.
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"I dunno," Kanan replied, looking thoughtfully toward the ceiling. "Maybe the island is giving voyeurism a try."
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"I'm sure it has," Kanan pointed out, sensibly, as he drank his caf down. "It hardly singles out just one person for this sort of thing, you know."

There were likely to be a lot of shirtless people out and about today. Kanan didn't want to miss it.

Worst. Jedi.
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"Yeah," Kanan replied, setting his mug down in the sink and then going to retrieve it from by the door. "It's one of the things that was here in the apartment when I moved in. Along with a badly-fitting suit and that table by the couch."

Never leave home on the island without one, right?
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Kanan snorted, but stepped out into the hallway all the same.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he said, smiling faintly. "But don't waste all the good stuff on me, here. You never know when you're going to need it for something serious."
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"Hera, they don't even have kolto."

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"Well, they'll take care of themselves sooner or later," Kanan noted, mildly. He wasn't exactly arguing, though, still following along. He pushed open the front door, and the umbrella, and held both for her. "But I appreciate it."
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"Oh, I know," Kanan agreed, shooting her a little grin. "I'm pretty sure this place has a quota of technical impossibilities to fill on a monthly basis. This is fairly normal in comparison to some stuff."
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"If it can handle atmospheric re-entry, I'm sure it can handle a few beads," Kanan replied, smiling and shaking his head as he picked up the pace to keep up. "And if it can't, I really have to wonder about who's supplying your paint."
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"Fair enough," Kanan replied, frowning thoughtfully. "You want me to set up a canopy over the Ghost or something?"

It would have to be a fairly huge canopy.
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"I took a few of them to the head while I was out walking the dog," Kanan pointed out. "As far as I can tell, I'm not concussed or anything."

Well. More than he had been. Vidian had smashed that head of his against things a few times last week, after all.
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"What, at my head, or at the paint?"

Sorry, Hera. Kanan couldn't resist.
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Kanan made a little snorting sound, and then shrugged it off, glancing up as they approached the junkyard.

"It really does look better without the 'Imperial' in the name," he decided. "Give any more thought to what you're going to call it?"
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"Offhand, nah," Kanan replied, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm a drifter, not a wordsmith. Mostly I was just curious."

And truth be told, there were really only so many words for a junkyard, and there was no way he could possibly come up with something catchy and alliterative without immediately accidentally stepping in something he didn't want to.

It would probably help if he knew more about Hera, perhaps. Twi-lek Trash was right out and Rebel Rubbish was unflattering and it said too much. Hera's Junk?

... Mostly just made him want to make an amused face like a twelve year old.
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"This place is good for that," Kanan allowed, chuckling and shaking his head. Not that his High Galactic had ever really needed a spit-shine. Fancy Jedi upbringing and all. "If you want help going through those, just let me know. I don't have nearly enough to do with my time when I'm not corrupting young minds or yelling at idiots over weird Earth flatcakes."
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"Stop by during one of my weekend shifts and you'll understand," Kanan replied, rolling his eyes upward and shaking his head. "They have no self-control. One of these days I'm sure Eliot will beat them to death with the leftovers."
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"They mean well, I think," Kanan mused, following along. "They just happen to be idiots."

He would have meant that affectionately, if it wasn't so true.
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"Look, when Stance has to go, you try telling him he's got to stay inside," Kanan replied, lightly. "He does this thing with his eyes that is the single most pathetic thing I've ever seen..."

That bacta was so, so enticing, damn it. Kanan was following it with his gaze, trying not to look too lusty over it.
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"Well, whatever it does, it'll be an improvement," Kanan replied, sighing and kind of slouching down a little in relief. "Thanks, Hera. You really don't have to do this."

On the other hand, it would make it much easier for him to dry his hair.
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"Or being bombed by Skelly," Kanan noted, smiling wryly. "Guess I'm just not used to being taken care of."

It had been a while. Okadiah had done good by him, too, but in totally different ways.
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"Guess I did ask for it," Kanan allowed, glancing over his shoulder at her. "But you know I'm probably going to stay stubborn about it. Warning you now so it doesn't drive you completely barvy."

He would've been stubborn about it with anybody. People didn't live forever, after all.

Knowing what Hera intended to do with her future wasn't going to help that any.
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Kanan paused for a moment to consider that, and then sighed, nodded, and crouched down to un-tuck his pant leg from his boot, rolling it up to expose the knee that had given out on him after he'd thrown down with Charko. He could have made a crack about taking off his pants, but at this point...

Maybe he just didn't feel like it.

"Could probably use some here, too. That knee took a bit of a beating last week."

It wasn't like Charko had been the last of the punishment he'd taken, either.
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Kanan was silent for a few seconds before he nodded. He wasn't sure what to really say in reply to that offer.

She knew. That part was important. She knew more than anybody had known since Kasmir, when it came to people from home. And Kasmir, he'd run away from. Convinced himself that it was for the best, and had taken off with the Escape, never to look back. With Hera... he'd done very much the opposite.

"Yeah," he said, smiling at her wryly. "Yeah, I think that's about it."
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"Never going to complain about a tour of this ship," Kanan replied, shrugging. "Let's see if you can wow me any more than you already have, huh?"
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"Besides 'more caf?'" Kanan chuckled a little. "Give it time, I'm sure you'll think of things from home that you're not going to be able to go without for a while. Bacta is the sensible option. But I saw the way you were stocking up on meilooruns."

If she missed them half as much as Kanan did, hey...

"So, tell me about the Phantom."
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"You know something has gone horribly wrong when I'm 'clearly the cook,'" Kanan snorted, shaking his head as he followed her up the ladder. "But this, I like. About the same size as Expedient, but actually useful."

Low bar, there, Kanan.
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"Well, the most dangerous thing Expedient was ever supposed to come in contact with was meant to be inside of her," Kanan said. "Shields wouldn't have done her any good against baby."

... Case in point, the fact that there was no longer an Expedient.

"I have to appreciate that Phantom here stands a decent chance of holding her own, though."
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Kanan gave a little snort at that.

"You get enough of them coming after you at once, shields don't matter all that much," he noted. "But I definitely wouldn't want to be in one."
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"Well, that's not that much of a surprise," Kanan replied. "I mean, look at the pilot we had."
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"What, you mean that crazy sleemo who started yelling that he was going to kill all of his coworkers?" Kanan flashed Hera a grin. "I don't know. That hadn't been the plan, after all."
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"Well, you did call me the tactician for a reason, I'm sure," Kanan replied, smirking. "What can I say? I know miners."

And it meant they got to blow up a few TIEs, so...
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"My favorite?" Kanan blinked, and then scratched at his beard for a moment while he thought. "Anything I got to use my ship for, I suppose. I don't usually look back, if I can help it."

Because if he looked back, he'd have to acknowledge that maybe he cared. And he couldn't afford to care.
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"What, like temp work?" He laughed and shook his head. "Nobody would hire me, even though I applied for one or two. Not really my thing, but It helped that they had free caf."


"I'm less likely to end up behind the desk and more likely to end up being the guy who runs around doing work better left to droids, anyway. Delivery jobs, construction. Transit. Farm labor. Okadiah's wasn't the first cantina I've worked at. And not all of my jobs have necessarily been entirely above-board."

He suspected that Hera would have a thing or two to say about the occasional spice running meant to tide him over until the next planet with the next helpful person looking to hire a drifter who seemed to be down on his luck.
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"The most interesting?" Kanan tilted his head in thought for a moment. "I mean, the award for that one's gotta go to this place, I guess. If any of the other places I've been were that interesting, I wouldn't have wandered off from them, bored."

Sorry, Hera. He wasn't quite ready to give you the full run-down of the places he'd been in his life just yet.
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"Like I said, this place is usually pretty quiet, but when it gets exciting, it doesn't skimp," Kanan replied, shrugging. "And sometimes it's just plain weird."

... Like with the rain.
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"You're in for an interesting time," Kanan replied, smirking. "How do you feel about tooka?"
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"Well, I spent a week as a Loth-cat," Kanan explained, "so I figure if you have any allergies or aversions to something clawing at the walls, now's the time to speak up."
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"I also spent one weekend as a kid-- I don't recommend it," Kanan added, ticking that off on his fingers. "And an angry old man. At least, I think I was angry. I don't remember much of that weekend in particular."
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Kanan gave his shoulders a shrug.

"Hell if I know," he admitted. "I think reality here is twisted a little sideways or... something. I know that sort of thing shouldn't be possible. Frankly, I don't think Fandom cares."
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"... A surprisingly small number," Kanan replied, after pausing to seriously consider that. "I mean, some stick around entirely because they're stuck here, but figuring it out isn't usually the dealbreaker, with this place."

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Kanan pursed his lips a little.

"Sometimes, the island gets dangerous," he said, finally. "Really, really dangerous. Nobody ever gets really hurt. At least, nothing that lasts any amount of time. But until whatever happens is dealt with, you might as well be trying to navigate an asteroid field in a disarmed TIE."
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Kanan gave Hera a wry smile in return.

"Sometimes, it isn't even a complete surprise," he offered, and then his expression shifted, for just a moment, to something kind of tentative, hesitant, before he added, "to me, I mean. If leaving before things get ugly here is ever an option, I mean..."

He could speak up. Probably. He'd stopped carrying his lightsaber around so openly again since Gorse, but he'd circle back around to that point eventually. Hopefully.
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Kanan blew out a breath, and then nodded, trying to act like, hey, that wasn't a big deal at all. Really. Just another thing he could do. Like catching large falling objects with his mind. Whatever.

"Great," he said. "We can skip town, let someone else deal with it..."

Feel terrible about it. Worry the entire while. He buried his face in his hand for a moment.

"Or just... brace for it. Or whatever seems right at the time."

For all the insisting that he did that he didn't just randomly help people, he was actually kind of terrible at it in practice.
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He'd gone full Jedi Padawan in every way except for the robes and the braid, the last time the island had gone to hell.

... And there had been a braid, at that. It just hadn't been his.

"You're smirking," he accused. He still had his hand over his face, but look, he just knew these things.
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"Here's where I start protesting that I don't just go around helping people again," Kanan announced, wrinkling his nose. "And then you smirk even more and I end up making a big show about being disgusted with myself and the galaxy in general."

He uncovered his face, nose still wrinkled.

"Isn't it?"
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"Uuuuuuugh," Kanan groaned, throwing his head back and looking up at the ceiling. "That would make me a quitter, Hera. I'm not a quitter, either."

... Actually, he kind of was. That was one of his survival tactics. Quit often, move on.
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"It would mean admitting I'm..." Dammit, Kanan kind of let that sentence drift off so that he could pick apart the corner he'd just backed himself into. He sighed. "Can we just go back to pretending I don't actually care? That part's easier."

Look at him, admitting it was an act. That was like forward progress, if you squinted a lot.
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Kanan wrinkled his nose and waved a hand behind his head, though there really wasn't any effort being put forth to try to get her away from his hair. Congrats, Hera. You'd reached the 'allowed to tug the ponytail' zone.

At present, you were the only person in that zone.

"I appreciate that," he decided. "I have a reputation to uphold, and all."
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"He definitely doesn't help people. Not when he can avoid it," he supplied, helpfully. "His favorite place to spend his time is passed out on the floor, behind the bar at the local cantina."

Okay, it had been a while since he'd been found like that.

But so help him if he found another bar with ryncol...
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"Do you?" Kanan gave her a little grin. "And here I thought you were trying to cultivate an air of mysteriousness. I'm at least a little surprised you'll be seen in public with me, you know."

... He kind of was.
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"I'm just hairy enough," Kanan countered. Through a broadening grin. Hey, if he was going to be classified as arm candy, that was a definite step up from 'not a bad guy, but I don't take passengers.' "You know, for a human."
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"Well, your other crew member is a droid," Kanan snorted. "And I'm not even all that hairy, even so far as humans go."

He could be much hairier! He was pretty average on the 'hairy humans' scale!
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"It was just that one time," Kanan laughed, shaking his head. "Mornings are shower times, now, lesson learned."

He just didn't want to get kicked again.
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Kanan shrugged, still smirking.

"No clue," he admitted. "Probably that Turtle & Canary place. I hear they have pretty much everything."

Pretty much.

More or less.

Except duct tape, whatever that was.
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"Works for me," Kanan replied, nodding his agreement. "I don't think that umbrella is going to hold up to much more punishment, anyway."

And even if it did, he didn't imagine he would.

"Besides... it's comfortable in here. I was starting to forget what it was like to be on a ship that wasn't just built with hopefully not exploding in mind."