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futurespacemom ([personal profile] futurespacemom) wrote2017-07-15 02:43 pm
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Kanan and Hera's apartment, Saturday morning

The currents in the Force were strange here. However she had ended up here, there was no denying that.

There were an adorable little tooka and some other creature she'd never seen before wanting her attention, and she was able to find food for them, but then she paused to meditate. A strange place, a strange planet, when just yesterday she'd been on Tython.

And a lightsaber here that wasn't hers. It felt...good, if unused and in need of a bit of tuning. Well, that would be something to do. Maybe she'd find someplace to sit and take care of that, once she made sure she was safe.

[OOC: And Hera is now Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks. Yay!]